Thursday, August 27, 2009

TNTT results 13AUG2009

LaBiciSquadra C.C and Midweek C.C Presents the Thursday Night Time Trial (TNTT)

Tonight was as beautiful a night as we have had all year. We had 20 riders turnout to test themselves against the GTA`s best. The wind was slightly out of the south which is perfect for this Stouffville course. The problem was that there was dirt and sand from construction on one of the corners that took away from the perfect conditions. Thanks to everyone for taking it easy and not putting themselves in harms way, even with having to take it a bit easier Ilija Petrovski (Wheels of Bloor) went under the 20 minute mark posting a very solid 19:50 to take the win tonight. We had a few new faces out tonight and two of them got into the top 5, congrats to David Pierce (5th) with a 21:43 and Ryan Hodgkinson (4th) with a 21:40. Both these guys were flying their Bikesports team colors with pride making Tom back at the shop very proud!! Great job everyone!!

Results for the 14.8km TNTT - August 13th, 2009

1 Ilija Petrovski Wheels of Bloor 0:19:50 tt
2 Peter Morse Jet Fuel Coffee 0:20:16 tt
3 Dave Frake Midweek C. C. 0:20:48 tt
4 Ryan Hodgkinson Bikesports 0:21:40 tt
5 David Pierce Bikesports 0:21:43 tt
6 Stacy Wall MCOR 0:22:00 em
7 Justin Rogers Norco 0:22:00 tt
8 Mike Steed Norco 0:22:09 tt
9 Steve Pasquill Bicycles + 0:22:10 tt
10 Matt Drenters Z-Team 0:22:23 tt
11 Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 0:22:45 tt
12 Rob Anderson Coach 0:22:55 tt
13 Greg Wellman Project Freeride 0:23:04 tt
14 Gerard Martineau Above Threshold 0:23:21 em
15 Adam Fitzsimmons Norco 0:23:24 tt
16 David Chong Lap Dogs 0:23:25 tt
17 Bob Haufler Midweek C.C 0:24:00 em
18 Mandy Mayo LaBicicletta-Jlindberg 0:27:02 em
19 Merv Veal Newmarket Eagles 0:29:15 em
20 Chris Gruber DNF

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