Sunday, August 30, 2009

TNTT 15K (but really 12.5K) championship results, Ficko wins

Gold: Ficko
Silver: Petrovski
Bronze: E.Veal

We had an amazing turnout Thursday night for our 15km championship TT. 26 riders made it out tonight to try and take home the gold. The course had to be re-routed and shortened a bit but that didn't stop anyone from giving their all trying to take the title. With a north wind pushing the field home to the finish it was an extremely fast night with little or no places to make up time. If you didn't hammer the uphill start you would need to push more than a 58 tooth front chain ring to keep up with our winner. With the provincial TT only 2 weeks away, Darko Ficko came out tonight and showed everyone he is in fine form and ready to rip the heavy weight belt from around Ryan Roth's waist.

Gold goes to Darko Ficko with a 48.6 avg speed on the 12.5 km course and a time of 15.26. Silver goes to IIija Petrovski with a 48.3 km avg and a time of 15:31 and the bronze goes to Ed Veal with an average speed of 48kms an hour and 12 seconds behind with a time of 15:38. Bryan Wolfe had the fastest 15km TT of the entire season and has a medal to prove it but..... was 5 seconds off the podium tonight! Oh ya.....check out Merrill's time too, I see a few provincial golds in this line up!!

Congratulations guys and good luck at the provincial TT!!
1G Darko Ficko (LaBicicletta/Jlindberg) 15:26.02
2S Ilija Petrovski (Wheels of Bloor) 15:31.03
3B Ed Veal (LaBicicletta/Jlindberg) 15:38.0
4 (Best ET) Bryan Wolff (LaBicicletta/Jlindberg) 15:43.0
5 Peter Morse (Jet Fuel Coffee) 16:05.0
6 Neil Hendry (LaBicicletta/Jlindberg) 16:26.0
7 Heath Cockburn (LaBicicletta/Jlindberg) 16:44.0
8 Merrill Collins (LaBicicletta/Jlindberg) 16:46.0
9 Rod McEwen (MCOR) 16:51.0
10 Dave Frake (Midweek) 16:53.0
11 Bob Tomsic (Norco) 17:08.0
12 Peter Kofman (Coach Chris) 17:14.0
13 Jamie Smith (Ciclowerks) 17:16.0
14 Frank Stillo (LaBicicletta/Jlindberg) 17:17.0
15 Mike Steed (Norco) 17:31.0
16 Joel Cash (Wheels of Bloor) 17:37.0
17 Steve Pasquill( Bicycles +) 17:37.0
18 Christiane Knobbe (MCOR) 17:45.0
19 Marc Cascella (Lapdogs) 17:48.0
20 Gerard Martineau (Above Threshold) 17:49.0
21 David Chong (Lapdogs) 18:20.0
22 Marco Salvati (Midweek) 18:25.0
23 Charles Gordon (Dark Horse Flyer) 19:09.0
24 Ayesha Rollinson (Trek) 19:10.0
25 Mandy Mayo (LaBicicletta/Jlindberg) 20:53.0
26 Charles Magyar (Midweek) 21:37.0

Time keeper - Bob Haufler
Film Crew - Paul Eekhoff
Chef - Merv Veal

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