Thursday, May 28, 2009

NTTNTT results, 28MAY2009, Frake wins

Rainy and miserable, that and the Toronto Crit tomorrow, is thought to have kept all but the most dedicated clock racers away tonight.

We have a new member of the under 21 minute club.  Welcome Midweek's David Frake who just squeeked in at 0:20:59.

Complete results:

1 Dave Frake    Midweek           20:59.0 tt
2 Matt Drenters Z-Team            22:34.0 tt
3 Bob Haufler   Midweek           24:23.0 em
4 Marco Salvati Midweek           25:01.0 em
5 Merv Veal     Team Spokeomotion 32:54.0 em

Timekeeper: Ed Veal
Conditions: 16C, light rain, very foggy, and wind E at 8kph.

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