Thursday, May 21, 2009

ITT results, 21MAY2009

We had super weather, sunny, warm. 28C, and a slower wind. Environment Canada says the wind was SW@33kph.

Our crowd was the largest ever. We experienced a little bit of growing pains, but we have complete and accurate results. Being an experimental physicist, I know the value of the raw data. If you have that, you have everything. So, I had some trouble keeping track of who was who and ciphering up the ET's but the times were accurately measured. Actually, my helper mashed the lap timer each time one of you guys passed, so I had super accurate times, and two stopwatches to compare to increase my confidence in my measurements of your ET's.

Armed with the power of Intel and Microsoft, I was able to deal with the 30 second intervals, when I got home. Posted here you will find, highly accurate, to the 0.1 sec, results.

Ed has the sign in sheet, so I do not have all the affiliations yet, or who rode TT and who rode EM style. I will add that later.

Some clarification may be helpful about timekeeping.

To get an accurate ET, I need to have you guys start time exactly and finish time exactly. If I could, I would have a stopwatch for each of you, and maybe have you each ride your ride start to finish before the next rider started. Of course that would have taken 10 hours to do tonight, so that is not practical. So we stagger everyone start. Of course, this is old news to all of us.

So, my most important task is knowing who started when, and measuring and recording when you cross the finish line. After that, sorting out identities at the finish line. I count on you to tell me your start number. I am not looking at you, I am looking at the clock to get the time, and I am listening for the number. If I do not get the number, that messes things up. Tonight, we have about 8 folks who did not provide me their number. It was a tad confusing to figure it all out, but I am confident that I managed it, with a lot of help from Ed and Mandy, I surely want to say. After that, there is the math to deduct your start time from your finish time. This is kinda hard math when on the spot for 30 second starts. What moron came up with this time system. I propose that we immediately switch to 10 hour days, 100 minute hours and 100 second minutes.

Anyway. I apologise for the late and confusing results tonight. When our group was small, I could cipher your ET's before you turned around. Using a computer did not make sense. It does now, I am bringing (actually I had my computer tonight) next week to make things faster and less confusing.

So to recap. For tonights race, I got all your times on two stopwatches. I am going to report the times recorded using the laptimer. I compared all times to make sure there were no major disagreements.

It was great to have this big group tonight. I hope all will continue coming on out. See you next week.

28C, wind from SW @ 33 kph.

We have a new course record for 2009. Way to go Ed Veal!

1 Ed Veal La Bicicletta/J. Linberg 19:42.8
2 Paolo Dilecce Wheels of Bloor 20:22.6
3 Peter Morse Jet Fuel Coffee 20:30.6
4 Sam Bail La Bicicletta/J. Linberg 20:48.3
5 Evan Mundy Team MCOR 21:09.8
6 Philip Cates Lapdogs 21:37.2
7 James Macdonald Dark Horse Flyers 21:40.6
8 Rob Nishman Newmarket Eagles 21:45.0
9 Marco Li Team MCOR 21:49.9
10 Bob Tomsic Norco Evolution 21:52.6
11 Peter Kofman Coach Chris/Ted Velikonja 22:02.0
12 Chris Chambers Team RACE 22:50.2
13 Mike Mederiros Independent 22:53.3
14 Steve Pasquill Bicycles + 22:57.4
15 Chris Stevenson Lapdogs 23:23.2
16 Leigh Bianco La Bicicletta/J. Linberg 23:24.1
17 Brian Kelly Bikesports 23:28.8
18 Greg Wellman Project Freeride 23:33.2
19 Dave Prake Midweek 23:37.7
20 Aiden Moore Lapdogs 24:42.7
21 Ayesha Rollinson Trek 24:57.8
22 Bob Haufler Midweek 25:10.0
23 Don Blue Independent 25:14.8
24 Marco Salvati Midweek 25:52.1
25 Paul Rea Pedal Performance 26:20.8
26 Charles Gordon Independent 26:36.3
27 Amanda Mayo La Bicicletta/J. Linberg 27:57.6
28 Cliff Changoor La Bicicletta/J. Linberg 29:50.3
29 Merv Veal Team Spokomotion 31:23.7
30 Johnathan Lewis La Bicicletta/J. Linberg 32:11.0

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