Thursday, September 3, 2009

40 K TNTT championship, Ficko wins the gold

The 2009 TNTT time trial series concluded this fine evening with a 41.5K (according to race. Ten racers came out to try to claim one of our championship medals. LaBicicletta/JLindberg's Ficko claimed the gold with a 44.4 kph average winning time of 56:07, The silver went to Petrovski of Wheels of Bloor with 56:43, and Midweek's Frake took home the bronze with 59:42.

4th place was LaBicicletta/JLindberg's Merrill Collins, the fastest female who almost claimed the bronze with a time of exactly 1 hour.

Conditions were very pleasant 23C, wind S @ 8kph, sky was completely clear.

This was our first use of the roads up this way, the suggestion provided by a Canadian Cyclist forum member. This was an excellent course, we appreciate the suggestion.

Complete results and split times follow:

Finish First Last Team ET
1G Darko Ficko LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 0:56:07
2S Iliya Petrovski Wheels of Bloor 0:56:43
3B Dave Frake Midweek 0:59:42
4 Merrill Collins LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 1:00:00
5 Bob Tomsic Norco 1:02:51
6 Matt Drenters Z-Team 1:05:44
7 Gerard Martineau Above Threshold 1:05:48
8 Greg Moore Midweek 1:06:50
9 Adam Rothschild Independent 1:12:43
10 Charles Magyar Midweek 1:24:27

Split time at 20.7 km:

Finish First Last Team ET
1 Darko Ficko LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 27:45.0
2 Ilija Petrovski Wheels of Bloor 28:12.0
3 Dave Frake Midweek 29:48.0
4 Merrill Collins LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 30:00.0
5 Bob Tomsic Norco 31:15.0
6 Gerard Martineau Above Threshold 32:18.0
7 Matt Drenters Z-Team 32:35.0
8 Greg Moore Midweek 33:17.0
9 Adam Rothschild Independent 35:44.0
10 Charles Magyar Midweek 40:56.0

Timekeeper: Bob haufler

This was a good year for the TNTT. We appreciate all the support and turn out of all the racers. Have a great Winter and we will see you again next year.

Bob Haufler, Midweek
Ed Veal, LaBiciSquadra

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  1. You're awesome Bob (and Ed)! Thanks for all your support and dedication to the TNTT series. Really enjoyed my inaugural season. Looking forward to next year.
    Dave Frake.