Thursday, July 30, 2009

TNTT results, 30JUL2009, Bryan Wollf wins, sets new season record.

Markham, Ontario, 30JUL2009

The challenge has been answered, we have a new course record for the season and it belongs to Bryan Wolff.

Some new faces producing some super fast times. LaBicicletta/JLindberg's Bryan Wolff and MCOR's Derek Ivey both broke the previous season record, finishing 1 and 2 for the night. Paolo Dilecce from Wheels of Bloor and Midweek's Dave Frake joined the highly exclusive under 20 minute club. This club's membership tripled tonight, with veterans, Ed Veal and Ilija Petrovski welcoming four new members.

Conditions were ideal with 24C, 61% humidity and wind from the south at 11 kph.

Good turnout and improving times. Charles Magyar knocked 2 minutes off his previous best, Mandy Mayo, Greg Wellman, Mike Steed, Joel Cash, Bob Tomsic, Charles Gordon all set a personal best times tonight. Chris Chambers continued to be cursed with flats.

Finish. First Last, Team ET
1. Bryan Wolff, LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 19:25.0
2. Derek Ivey, MCOR 19:27.0
3. Paolo Dilecce, Wheels of Bloor 19:57.0
4. Dave Frake, Midweek 19:59.0
5. Bob Tomsic, Norco 20:39.0
6. Garnett Abbey, D'Ornellas 21:14.0
7. Mike Steed, Norco 22:00.0
8. Joel Cash, Wheels of Bloor 22:14.0
9. Christiane Knobbe, MCOR 22:16.0
10. Greg Wellman, Project Freeride 22:19.0
11. Steve Pasquille, Bicycles + 22:25.0
12. Rob Anderson, Coach Chris 22:44.0
13. Gerard Martineau, Above Threshold 23:26.0
14. Charles Gordon, Dark Horse Flyers 24:03.0
15. Andrei Balaceanu, Bicycles + 25:04.0
16. Mandy Mayo, LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 26:15.0
17. Charles Magyar, Midweek 27:20.0
18. Chris Chambers, Mazur DNF, mechanical

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